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We are a provider of services for writers who wish to become published authors.
We offer supported Self-Publishing services, by this we mean that we work closely with authors to produce books for sale worldwide.

Our specialism

Marcia M is a self-published author of three books. I have also recently published books for 10 Authors of which five achieved a Kindle bestseller ranking and five-star reviews.

In my experience as a writer, author and speaker, I found writing about my own life quite challenging, the process required me to unlock some personal experiences that I had stored in my subconscious for many years.

Our specialism is supporting writers to tell their own story either a memoir or as a fiction book that is adapted from life experiences.

massive achievement

We recognise that becoming an author is a massive achievement, it takes, time, focus, vision and resilience to complete this process. Therefore we provide a comprehensive holistic support service to writers from the idea to the book launch and our relationship continues beyond the launch.



a team of professionals

Marcia M Publishing House Is a team of professionals from a range of backgrounds who teamed up to provide a Supported Self-Publishing Service to writers.
We work with you to develop your ideas and to build your book business and author brand; we do this via professional coaching and mentoring for leaders.
We support you with your emotional needs, by providing a therapeutic
counselling and psychotherapy service by Qualified and registered Counsellor

We inspire you and develop your creative writing with input from our creative director and editorial advisors.
We promote you and your book to ensure the highest possible sales.
We assist you with events, launches and book tours.
Our services are tailor made to meet your individual needs; every package is unique to you as is your book.

Confidence Confidential

Compiled by Marcia M Spence

Launched on International Women's Day Thursday 8th March 2018

Confidence is a universal phenomenon, it affects all genders, ages and statuses, in this collaboration of perspectives, confidence and its elements; Self Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-care are explored through the personal stories written by a diverse group of women and girls who are between 13 years and 70 years of age.

We very rarely are honest about our levels of confidence and about what makes us more or less confident. In this book, we lift the lid on some of the challenges and successes in the journey to sustainable Self-Confidence.

This book is the go to book for inspiration and empowerment in the pursuit of that coveted feeling, action and behaviour called Confidence

Marcia M Spence

Member of the association of freelance writers

Marcia's passion for reading and writing has led her to publish three publications of her own.
A published and Award Winning Best Selling Author. Marcia is an experienced trainer, lecturer, mentor and coach who has supported and nurtured people over a span of 30years. Marcia focussed on building confidence and self-esteem in others to express themselves, to be creative and to tell their story either in written or in spoken word. Marcia is a comedic and inspirational professional storyteller she shares her story to influence and connect with others. Marcia is a skilled and experienced people developer with a proven track record.
If you want to write, to speak or to tell your story in any media form, Marcia is the go-to person.


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