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  • We Provide - coaching and support for writers to plan their book project, to structure and format content.
  • We Assist with Story development, creative expression, literary advice and guidance.
  • We Build your confidence as a writer, we stretch you and enhance your work to result in the best possible product. We Deliver Workshops and training for New and Existing Writers.
Dawn Spence Lewis

Drama and Theatre Education Specialist, over 20 experience as a qualified teacher, in various settings from main stream education to extra
curricula activities, An accomplished actor and stand up comedian . Dawn is a methodical and creative Editor and Writer, her strengths are the ability to develop confidence to enable others to succeed in their chosen field. "Children" from cradle to grave have benefited from Dawn's delivery style.
Marcia M Spence is a creative and dynamic leader.
A Programme Manager for strategic services for Children and their families for over 25years.

Marcia is an enabler, a facilitator and a strategist who develops, individuals and groups of people and organisations to achieve their potential.
Marcia M is a freelance writer, blogger
, broadcaster and columnist. Marcia M publishing is her independent publishing house assisting writers to become self-published authors.
Marcia's passion for reading and writing has led her to publish three publications of her own.
A published and Award Winning Best Selling Author. Marcia is an experienced trainer, lecturer, mentor and coach who has Supported and nurtured people over a span of 30years. Marcia focussed on building confidence and
self esteem in others to express themselves, to be creative and to tell their story either in written or in spoken word. Marcia is a comedic and inspirational professional story teller she shares her story to influence and connect with others. Marcia is a skilled and experienced people developer with a proven track record.
If you want to write, to speak or to tell your story in any media form, Marcia is the go to person
Support Services for Writers

We understand that sharing your personal story can be difficult emotionally and psychologically, even the transition from being a writer to a Published Author can be a huge challenge, this is why we offer counselling support to all of our writers
Counselling support for Writer's provided by our therapist Grace Forrester

Grace says
I am a therapist who is passionate about helping people find solutions to their problems and enabling them to move forward with their lives. Counselling can be an effective way to cope with emotional, personal, commitment, and relationship issues. I support Writers with trauma recovery and assist with the healing process.
Counselling empowers you to deal with almost any issue more, my role is to offer you a new and positive perspective so that you are able to see beyond the hurdles of life and find a way around them

Grace Forrester
(Qualified and registered Counsellor)