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The Home of The Authors’ Midwife – Marcia M Spence
We are a provider of services for writers who wish to become published authors.
We offer support, editorial, design and publishing services to writers who want to have control over the content of their books. We provide comprehensive paid for services to enable the author to produce and sell their books worldwide. We do not charge for publishing the books, but we charge for our time and expertise to produce high-quality publications.

Our specialism

  • Memoirs and AutoBiography
  • Books for Children and Young Adults
  • Self Help
  • Fiction Books with a Social Message

The Authors Midwife – Marcia M Spence
Marcia is a highly skilled and experienced coach as well as a writer and author, The Author’s Midwife provides coaching, training and guidance to aspiring authors to complete their books from conception to delivery of the first copy and beyond. Marcia’s team recognise that becoming an author is a massive achievement that takes time, focus, vision and resilience.
Marcia's passion for reading and writing has led her to publish three publications of her own.

A published and Award Winning Best Selling Author. Marcia is an experienced trainer, lecturer, mentor and coach who has supported and nurtured people over a span of 30years. Marcia focussed on building confidence and self-esteem in others to express themselves, to be creative and to tell their story either in written or in spoken word.

Marcia is a comedic and inspirational professional storyteller she shares her story to influence and connect with others.

Marcia is a skilled and experienced people developer with a proven track record.
If you want to write, to speak or to tell your story in any media form, Marcia is the go-to person.



Our Core Team

​​​​​​​Shelly Allmark
Publishing Assistant & Customer Service Manager
Aurea Reis

Customer Service
Charlene Hemans

Children’s Books & Creative
Yanique Francis
Books & Banter Events

Tarnya Coley

Publishing Consultant TC Publishing.


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