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Marcia M Spence

Founder & Chief Executive (CEO)

is a creative and dynamic leader.
A Programme Manager for strategic services for Children and their families for over 25years.
Marcia is an enabler, a facilitator and a strategist who develops, individuals and groups of people and organisations to achieve their potential.
Marcia M is a freelance writer, blogger, broadcaster and columnist. Marcia M publishing is her independent publishing house assisting writers to become self-published authors.
Marcia's passion for reading and writing has led her to publish three publications of her own.
A published and Award Winning Best Selling Author. Marcia is an experienced trainer, lecturer, mentor and coach who has supported and nurtured people over a span of 30years. Marcia focussed on building confidence and self-esteem in others to express themselves, to be creative and to tell their story either in written or in spoken word. Marcia is a comedic and inspirational professional storyteller she shares her story to influence and connect with others. Marcia is a skilled and experienced people developer with a proven track record.
If you want to write, to speak or to tell your story in any media form, Marcia is the go-to person

Shelly Allmark

Publishing Assistant

I have been a strong advocate for Disability Rights for 14 years, I also hold qualifications in Receptive, Productive and, Conversational British Sign Language (B.S.L) CACDP.

" Reading along with writing as always been very natural to me. I’ve been a keen avid reader from a very young age. I’ve escaped reality into a vast genre of books by various authors, which has developed different styles. I have embraced what seems like a million journeys, and have felt the emotions of each character I became acquainted with. I have a passion for literature, it sparks my imagination, my relationship with books has granted me the opportunity to gain knowledge and continue to learn and absorb the enchantment that empowers the deepest secret part of my spirit. "

Aisha Otiti


I am a graduate with experience in the charity sector; I have an eye for detail as well as a passion for literature. I have a particular interest in the classics and possess a broad understanding of YA (young adult) and teen fiction. My experience in office administration and editing have given me skills such as a keen eye for precision when reading prose writing and copy.

Petra Baptiste
Social Media Accounts Manager

My name Petra Baptiste, a single 37 year old originally from St.Lucia.
I am an extremely curious soul, and I go all out to feed my curiosity by reading a lot of books, having different experiences, researching and through social interests.
Reading happens to be a huge passion of mine. I love the fact that I can be transported in a different world. Reading takes me away from reality when I need to be.
As well I am a creative at heart. Anything that allows me to be creative shall truly be welcomed. I love revamping old vintage finds. I love revamping old bags, jewellery, shoes, hats etc. with fabric and make them look new again.
Being a Gemini the words that I would use to describe myself are gentle, expressive, adaptable, open-minded, quick-witted, versatile and sociable.
Despite all of this I have a very serious side to me. A side that makes me trustworthy, reliable and a genuine interest in my work.
I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy working on my initiative and as a team.

Audrey Jackson
Operations Manager

Audrey Jackson has successfully navigated through the storms in her life using books as the wind to sail her boat.

Audrey understands that reading the right book at the right time changes lives for better and forever. "We should never underestimate the power of our own story and our ability to write it and write it well." She is also the author of Honey From The Rock, 40 Prayers for Widows.

Audrey holds an MSc in Biomedical Science and has joined the team to keep the administration and operations running smoothly.

Editorial Reviewers and Advisors

Services and Freelancers that we partner with:

Grace Forrester ~ Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Susan Brookes ~ Publicist, Editor and Proof Reader (Positive Publicity)
Kevin Williams ~ Graphic Designer and Artist (Frank Image Ltd)
Olive Pellington - Publishing Support (OVP Coaching Coaching)


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