It’s officially international men’s day on the 19th November 2019… yay! Or is it yay!?... Before I start to consider men’s day, I have had to sit and reflect on what this really means, what does it mean to be a man, is it being quiet and aloof like my dad, or does it mean walking around wearing a mean look on your face, in an attempt to try to hide behind a mask hoping no one will see the real man/boy.

In today’s world, it’s almost anathema to suggest that life can be hard for a man, there is an almost unspoken rule carved in granite that upholds and enforces the cultural construct that men are big and tough and don’t feel any hurt or we as men are untouched by any feelings. The question for me was, when was the exact day or time that we went from the little boy that needed to be held, reassured, and comforted to the “Man” that has no feelings or can’t be hurt or doesn’t feel insecure or lonely or lost?

I have scattered some quotes on manhood throughout this written piece that I’m not sure I live up to but isn’t this part of the social construct that enforces the lie, it is even more interesting to think about how women think about men and their role.
“Men want a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and A beauty to rescue.
That is what is written in their hearts. That is what little boys play at.
That is what men’s movies are about. You just see it is undeniable.”

- John Eldridge
Whilst reflecting on this question, I am transported back to my early twenties with my first real relationship shattered into a million pieces. I remember telling my mom what was going on and her reaching out to me with an embrace only a mother can give, I don’t mind telling anyone that at that moment I sobbed like a baby feeling no shame, this was my mom, I needed a hug and she knew it. Now just to put this into context, I have worked the doors as a bouncer and gateman at dances back in the day at places like Edwards and Hummingbird I’ve trained in martial arts for many years and never suffered fools gladly, however at that moment I was just a broken-hearted little boy inside a man, crying into my mother’s shoulder.
I'm not suggesting that all men are little angels or that some women haven’t suffered at the hands of men, this could be through emotional or even physical violence and other forms of abuse.
“if Boys don’t learn, men won’t know.” - Douglas Wilson

There are many women who might quote figures on domestic violence, something I deplore, domestic violence last year was responsible for the death of 139 women in the UK. These women died at the hands of male partners in domestic violence situations, what is interesting is that last year even though there were 1.2million women who suffered domestic violence, there were also 713,000 men that suffered domestic violence.
4.3% of men and 7.5% of women stated that they have experienced domestic abuse in 2016/17, equivalent to an estimated 713,000 male victims and 1.2million female victims. For every three victims of domestic abuse, two will be female, one will be male. (Mankind Initiative 2018)

I know there seems to be a 2-1 disparity however please consider all of those women that don’t tell anyone for fear of rocking the boat, and then after considering the true number of women suffering from domestic violence.
“Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonamouse.” - Edwin Louise Cole

I would then challenge you to probably double the number of men who suffer from domestic violence, but are too embarrassed to say anything about it to friends and family, ESPECIALLY the brothers!!!. I can almost hear the chorus that there are still more women suffering and even dying in domestic violence situations, this may be true, however I would then say there are three times more men that die at their own hands as there are women.
  • More men die of heart attacks
  • More men die at the hands of each other
  • More men die of preventable diseases

Then I go right back to your own little boy who needs to feel wanted and needed and comforted.
The same way you treat that man is the same way another woman will treat your son.
The same way you judge that man is the same was another woman will judge your son.
The same way you misrepresent that man is the was another woman will misrepresent your son.
The same way you lie about that man is the same way another woman will lie about your son.
“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be One” - Marcus Aurelius

I suppose what I’m saying as a black man is when thinking about how you treat that man on national men’s day and going forward, whatever you don’t want for your baby boy, and I know some of you don’t have baby boy’s, (or don’t have them yet).

Don’t do to someone else’s baby boy what you wouldn’t allow anyone to do to yours, because believe it or not there is a universal law that quite simply states, what goes around will finally come right back around.

Finally, I would say to the brothers, that whatever you won't allow for your babygirl…yea you got it!!!
A Blog by
Richard Anderson
Keith Flint: Prodigy Front man 49 - Death by Suicide
Michael Thalassitiss: Love island contestant 26 - Death by Suicide
Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Chef 61- Death by Suicide
Robin Williams: Actor Comedian 63 – Death by Suicide

Just a few people that have taken their own lives over the past few years all of them seemingly successful, with everything to live for, however, I have a question, why are all of these people men? I mean, I don’t want to seem dismissive of female suicides, not in the least, my question however is, why are men three times more likely to take their own lives than women are? Why is it the UK is experiencing 84 male deaths by suicide, EVERY WEEK, women account for 27 lives lost every week? Are we as a society going to shamefully admit that 84 men every week can’t find someone to talk to about how they are feeling and as a result take their own lives? As a minister at one of the local churches in Birmingham, I think the figures are staggering, approximately 336 men die at their own hands every month in this relatively rich country. What is driving
people and particularly men, to make a permanent decision about a temporary problem? Again as a minister I have to say that part of my frustration is with the church, because as a trained suicide prevention first aider, I know many people come to church grasping at a reason NOT to take their own lives to end the emotional pain they are experiencing. Gone are the days of saying “pull your socks up” and “we’ll pray for you” then just letting them slip from time into eternity with a “tut” and a “that’s a shame”.

It’s at this stage that people reading this will probably start thinking, YES!!!

The church should do more! But I would then point out that I have attempted to push this message outside of the church and again, there has been a luke-warm response at best, you see its not just the churches that can be lacking in taking some action and seeing this issue as a national shame, also as a side note, every “successful" suicide costs the taxpayer approximately £1.6million, this figure is NOT a typo, so why isn't there a national outcry? Is it because we only take notice when it happens close to home.

So my final thought and then question to you, who are reading this is… what are you doing about it?
Check out "Suicide Prevention Awareness Seminar"
Richard 17th April 2019
As a person who loves words, I was challenged to write about my profession. As I stared at the word, I toyed with it and broke it down to the noun and the verb. “Profession” being the noun and “Profess” being the verb. My profession is a teacher or communicator of information to help others reach the highest form of themselves.

I do not get paid, as the definition of “an occupation with a wage” does not apply now. 2.5 years ago, I was an Admin and Finance Manager for a local authority where I supported a team manager in managing the community mental health teams. I used the skill of teaching, mentoring, and coaching to support my staff achieve the 2-year goals we had planned. When I walked away from my career at least 7 had received promotions and 2 changed careers. To be able to see possibility in others you have to be able to communicate in a way that they understand.

As I looked through the scarlet thread in my life; my rhesus became RH+ “Resilience and Hope”. Hope is the desire and expectation and resilience is the willingness to put in the work to become what you have envisioned. Using the mentoring and coaching skills, I also support those who live in mental illnesses like depression and those who live with fibromyalgia to live hopeful lives.

For years I never thought I would be anything; ironically many seemed to turn to me for counsel. As an empath I sense both pain and struggle in a person. It therefore came natural for me to speak for others. As a union representative, my friend Mike said, I was great at speaking for others but for myself, I was hopeless. Therefore, I write. I find writing being the highest form of myself by communicating my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Writing allows you enter the reality of the moment through your senses which you take for granted. You use sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing what we least pay attention to embrace the moment.

Professing is speaking and you have a Scarlett thread; you have one sermon, one message which we communicate. Have you listened to yourself? Have you asked your friends to give you feedback? With the advancement in technology we are failing to communicate with each other to empower each other beyond mantras. To sit across another or listen to a friend, family members struggle and to be able to put it into words what they cannot

My profession is communicating hope and resilience in difficult times. My rhesus is RH+ was is yours?
By Lady Boss 17th April 2019
I see you
I see me

Confidence is knowing who I am and what I can do and doing it.
Confidence is not comparing myself to others but embracing their beauty too.
Confidence is not saying I'm not good enough but rather asking why not me?
Confidence is accepting that I have a place in this world.
Confidence is belonging.

I see me
I see you
By Mrs Audrey Jackson
Author of Honey from The Rock
My first novel Loving The Brothers was published on the 8th of January 2018; 8 weeks before my milestone birthday and ever since publication my life has been like a rollercoaster ride. The day before my book launch, I was interviewed by East London radio station and then my book launch was at Jerrys Kitchen in Stratford East London was a lot of fun. I showcased new poets and talented singers, who have now gone on to work with Marcia M Publishing House and working on their own books.

I got the opportunity by God’s grace to go on a Caribbean cruise with our close friends and we had a ball in Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic.

Over the last 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to take part as guest Ben television, The Live Well with Barrie show and more recently I appeared as a guest on The Sylbourne TV show. I have appeared on Galaxy radio, Slam Radio, Colourful radio, Each Teach radio, Starr radio, BBC radio and One Harmony radio stations! To mark Domestic Abuse Awareness month in October I appeared on London Live TV on terrestrial television and used my 3 minutes and 54 seconds wisely; my main goal being to reach out to women at risk of abuse. I have been able to use my book as a platform to reach women across the globe to talk about domestic abuse, my book journey from idea to publication and encouraging women to write their own stories. As a supporter of the Island Girls Rock movement I took part in a podcast interview with the CEO which was a wonderful experience. Quincy the Comedian interviewed me for his show and confirmed he gave a copy of LTBs to none other than Mr Idris Elba OBE!

I was recipient of the Powerhouse Global Author of the Year award in May 2018 and Author of Colour in October 2018. I have been privileged to meet with women at the Conversation Cafe to talk about domestic abuse and I was invited to a Women's 5ummit in Cavan, Dublin to talk about my book journey where Marcia, my husband Neville and I finally got to try a glass or two of authentic Irish Guinness!

My book Loving the Brothers is now in 5 libraries across the London Borough of Redbridge which I’m very pleased about. As such I will be having a book signing event at Redbridge Central Library on 13th December at on 13th December at 6 30pm. I will also be one of the guest speakers at my friend's book launch on 9th December 2018 which I am excited about. I have had the opportunity to become an ACR for Jellybooks LTD and delighted to have been asked to review part one of Jannette Barrett’s autobiography which is launching this month and I am privileged to write the foreword of Shelley Twinn's new book Dating is Us which is due out in February 2019.

By far being a guest of the former deputy High Commissioner of Barbados HE Guy Hewitt at the Miss Barbados UK launch was humbling and to be one of the judges at one of the pageant heats was a highlight as it was an elaborate affair.

This has been my year of saying YES and exploring new opportunities that come my way. I am still writing in between my busy schedule. I have written two short stories, namely, She Was Feeling Herself, which is about domestic abuse in later life and Saturday Soup which is about a mother’s unusual relationship with her daughters. I have started the sequel to Loving the Brothers called Loving the Sisters and I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process.

My hope for 2019 is to continue to grow and develop my craft, to become an established author, a confident public speaker and an advocate for the #lifeinleggings #notaskingforit and #walkingintowalls campaigns.

I hope to move into broadcasting/podcasting at some point next year; taking over an established radio show and developing my own show called About My Manor, where I interview local people who are movers and shakers in East London. I want to finish my screen writing course, so I am ready when Hollywood come calling!

Pamela R Haynes Author of The Loving Series…
Pamela R Haynes Author of the loving Series...
WOW, where has the time gone?.

I have started to reflect on what I have achieved/ accomplished this year.
Also, what I have not YET achieved this year.
Have you found yourself saying, ‘Oh I wish I could do that’ or ‘I would love to do that’.
Well… I have.
Do not live in regret.
Have a CAN DO attitude.
Why not start setting your goals TODAY.
There is plenty of time to set your goal and start actioning what you want to achieve.
If you start today, you’ll be glad you did.
Do you want to set and achieve your goals?

Here are my FIVE quick tips…
  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Write down when you want to achieve your goal by.
  3. Write down HOW you going to achieve it.
  4. Find an accountability partner.
What have you achieved in 2018?

What do you want to achieve 2018/2019?
Tanya Coley
Contributing content for an anthology can be a bit of an intimidating proposal for some people, particularly for new writers. When a person is starting their journey as a writer, the prospect of submitting written work for review can already be source of nervousness and anticipation. Writing for an anthology also adds the pressures of deadlines, following the guidelines put forth by the editor(s), and having your writing judged alongside the work of other writers.
While this may seem to be a short list of reasons not to contribute to an anthology, there are actually a number of great reasons to go ahead with such an opportunity - especially if you are feeling nervous or intimidated. One of the best reasons to write for an anthology is that it will build your confidence in your writing ability. Today we will be exploring five reasons to contribute a chapter to an anthology.
1. There Is Actually Less Pressure Than You Think
This may seem very counterintuitive, especially after discussing some reasons that a writer may feel intimidated about writing for an anthology, but let’s follow this line of thinking for a moment. Writing a chapter for an anthology means that you do not have to write a full manuscript. This is a great opportunity to refine your writing process on a much smaller scale, without being responsible for producing a short story or full length manuscript of your own.

2. This Collaborative Effort Could Be A Stepping Stone
Consider for a moment that writing for an anthology can create more opportunities for you as a writer. Having your work published in an anthology is also a way of getting a sample of your writing “out there”. There is great potential for your writing to get noticed by the editor(s) of the collaboration and by the readers of the finished product – which could lead directly to further opportunities.

3. You Can Build An Audience For Yourself
Do you enjoy reading? Do you find joy in discovering a new beloved author? When most people find a new writer that they enjoy the next logical step is often seeking out more of their work. Remember that a growing audience can definitely create more opportunity for a budding writer.

4. It’s An Opportunity to Build Confidence In Your Writing Ability
As you create more material you will learn more about yourself as a writer and continue to find your voice with the written word. Having more opportunities to refine your writing process will also pay off in becoming more confident when tackling new projects,

5. Collaborative Efforts Can Be Very Rewarding
There is absolutely something to be said for the feeling of satisfaction that comes with achieving a goal. Generally speaking, accomplishing a more ambitious goal often brings a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement. Completing and publishing an anthology can be a huge undertaking… and you will have made an important contribution towards the success of this effort. Imagine if the resulting book gains some kind of prominence or renown.

The writers in the Confidence Confidential – A Collaboration of Perspectives which is available on Amazon Worldwide, collectively achieved a NUMBER ONE Best Seller rank for the Kindle version of the book and widespread media coverage. The paperback version will be released on 28th March 2018.

As you can see, there are many great reasons for a person to write a chapter for an anthology. From building yourself up as a writer to expanding your audience and opportunities, the benefits of contributing to a collaborative effort are just too good to pass up. What have you really got to lose?
Contact: info@marciampublishing.com to register your interest in the next collaborative book from Marcia M Publishing House

World Book Day is exactly what the name implies - a day of the year when books and the people who create them are celebrated. Over 100 countries all over the world celebrate World Book Day each year. As this day is upon us once again, many people wonder how to celebrate World Book Day. Most people pick up a book here or there, and while that’s certainly one way to celebrate, there are plenty of other ways to recognize this special occasion. Here are 4 ways to celebrate World Book Day:
Highlight an Author
Pick a famous author and learn about him or her. Then, you could share something about your chosen author on social media. You could write a paper, if you’re a student, or you could write a blog post, if you’re a blogger. Highlighting an author for World Book Day is an excellent way to share little-known facts about famous authors!
Create a Book Drive
You could start a book drive near World Book Day to excite those around you. A book drive inspires people to go through their old books, reminiscing on old favorites as they go, and it also gives people the chance to share their love for books with others.
Join or Start a Book Club
Whether you start or join a book club just for World Book Day, reading with others is a beautiful celebration of literature. Check social media, your local library, or your church to find out about book club opportunities near you.
Share Famous Lines
If you’re looking for a creative way to celebrate World Book Day, then you could take special lines from famous books and poems and place them in your workplace or school. You could even text your friends these lines, put them on social media, or put them on sticky notes around town. The opportunities are endless!
These are just a few ways to celebrate World Book Day and share a love for literature with your friends, loved ones, teachers, and co-workers. What are some ways you’ll be recognizing World Book Day?
Celebrate World Book Day
with a good book.

Find somewhere comfortable to read, you can read anywhere with a good book just like C.J.

World Book Day 1st March 2018