World Book Day is exactly what the name implies - a day of the year when books and the people who create them are celebrated. Over 100 countries all over the world celebrate World Book Day each year. As this day is upon us once again, many people wonder how to celebrate World Book Day. Most people pick up a book here or there, and while that’s certainly one way to celebrate, there are plenty of other ways to recognize this special occasion. Here are 4 ways to celebrate World Book Day:
Highlight an Author
Pick a famous author and learn about him or her. Then, you could share something about your chosen author on social media. You could write a paper, if you’re a student, or you could write a blog post, if you’re a blogger. Highlighting an author for World Book Day is an excellent way to share little-known facts about famous authors!
Create a Book Drive
You could start a book drive near World Book Day to excite those around you. A book drive inspires people to go through their old books, reminiscing on old favorites as they go, and it also gives people the chance to share their love for books with others.
Join or Start a Book Club
Whether you start or join a book club just for World Book Day, reading with others is a beautiful celebration of literature. Check social media, your local library, or your church to find out about book club opportunities near you.
Share Famous Lines
If you’re looking for a creative way to celebrate World Book Day, then you could take special lines from famous books and poems and place them in your workplace or school. You could even text your friends these lines, put them on social media, or put them on sticky notes around town. The opportunities are endless!
These are just a few ways to celebrate World Book Day and share a love for literature with your friends, loved ones, teachers, and co-workers. What are some ways you’ll be recognizing World Book Day?
Celebrate World Book Day
with a good book.

Find somewhere comfortable to read, you can read anywhere with a good book just like C.J.

World Book Day 1st March 2018