Contributing content for an anthology can be a bit of an intimidating proposal for some people, particularly for new writers. When a person is starting their journey as a writer, the prospect of submitting written work for review can already be source of nervousness and anticipation. Writing for an anthology also adds the pressures of deadlines, following the guidelines put forth by the editor(s), and having your writing judged alongside the work of other writers.
While this may seem to be a short list of reasons not to contribute to an anthology, there are actually a number of great reasons to go ahead with such an opportunity - especially if you are feeling nervous or intimidated. One of the best reasons to write for an anthology is that it will build your confidence in your writing ability. Today we will be exploring five reasons to contribute a chapter to an anthology.
1. There Is Actually Less Pressure Than You Think
This may seem very counterintuitive, especially after discussing some reasons that a writer may feel intimidated about writing for an anthology, but let’s follow this line of thinking for a moment. Writing a chapter for an anthology means that you do not have to write a full manuscript. This is a great opportunity to refine your writing process on a much smaller scale, without being responsible for producing a short story or full length manuscript of your own.

2. This Collaborative Effort Could Be A Stepping Stone
Consider for a moment that writing for an anthology can create more opportunities for you as a writer. Having your work published in an anthology is also a way of getting a sample of your writing “out there”. There is great potential for your writing to get noticed by the editor(s) of the collaboration and by the readers of the finished product – which could lead directly to further opportunities.

3. You Can Build An Audience For Yourself
Do you enjoy reading? Do you find joy in discovering a new beloved author? When most people find a new writer that they enjoy the next logical step is often seeking out more of their work. Remember that a growing audience can definitely create more opportunity for a budding writer.

4. It’s An Opportunity to Build Confidence In Your Writing Ability
As you create more material you will learn more about yourself as a writer and continue to find your voice with the written word. Having more opportunities to refine your writing process will also pay off in becoming more confident when tackling new projects,

5. Collaborative Efforts Can Be Very Rewarding
There is absolutely something to be said for the feeling of satisfaction that comes with achieving a goal. Generally speaking, accomplishing a more ambitious goal often brings a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement. Completing and publishing an anthology can be a huge undertaking… and you will have made an important contribution towards the success of this effort. Imagine if the resulting book gains some kind of prominence or renown.

The writers in the Confidence Confidential – A Collaboration of Perspectives which is available on Amazon Worldwide, collectively achieved a NUMBER ONE Best Seller rank for the Kindle version of the book and widespread media coverage. The paperback version will be released on 28th March 2018.

As you can see, there are many great reasons for a person to write a chapter for an anthology. From building yourself up as a writer to expanding your audience and opportunities, the benefits of contributing to a collaborative effort are just too good to pass up. What have you really got to lose?
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