Keith Flint: Prodigy Front man 49 - Death by Suicide
Michael Thalassitiss: Love island contestant 26 - Death by Suicide
Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Chef 61- Death by Suicide
Robin Williams: Actor Comedian 63 – Death by Suicide

Just a few people that have taken their own lives over the past few years all of them seemingly successful, with everything to live for, however, I have a question, why are all of these people men? I mean, I don’t want to seem dismissive of female suicides, not in the least, my question however is, why are men three times more likely to take their own lives than women are? Why is it the UK is experiencing 84 male deaths by suicide, EVERY WEEK, women account for 27 lives lost every week? Are we as a society going to shamefully admit that 84 men every week can’t find someone to talk to about how they are feeling and as a result take their own lives? As a minister at one of the local churches in Birmingham, I think the figures are staggering, approximately 336 men die at their own hands every month in this relatively rich country. What is driving
people and particularly men, to make a permanent decision about a temporary problem? Again as a minister I have to say that part of my frustration is with the church, because as a trained suicide prevention first aider, I know many people come to church grasping at a reason NOT to take their own lives to end the emotional pain they are experiencing. Gone are the days of saying “pull your socks up” and “we’ll pray for you” then just letting them slip from time into eternity with a “tut” and a “that’s a shame”.

It’s at this stage that people reading this will probably start thinking, YES!!!

The church should do more! But I would then point out that I have attempted to push this message outside of the church and again, there has been a luke-warm response at best, you see its not just the churches that can be lacking in taking some action and seeing this issue as a national shame, also as a side note, every “successful" suicide costs the taxpayer approximately £1.6million, this figure is NOT a typo, so why isn't there a national outcry? Is it because we only take notice when it happens close to home.

So my final thought and then question to you, who are reading this is… what are you doing about it?
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Richard 17th April 2019