My first novel Loving The Brothers was published on the 8th of January 2018; 8 weeks before my milestone birthday and ever since publication my life has been like a rollercoaster ride. The day before my book launch, I was interviewed by East London radio station and then my book launch was at Jerrys Kitchen in Stratford East London was a lot of fun. I showcased new poets and talented singers, who have now gone on to work with Marcia M Publishing House and working on their own books.

I got the opportunity by God’s grace to go on a Caribbean cruise with our close friends and we had a ball in Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic.

Over the last 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to take part as guest Ben television, The Live Well with Barrie show and more recently I appeared as a guest on The Sylbourne TV show. I have appeared on Galaxy radio, Slam Radio, Colourful radio, Each Teach radio, Starr radio, BBC radio and One Harmony radio stations! To mark Domestic Abuse Awareness month in October I appeared on London Live TV on terrestrial television and used my 3 minutes and 54 seconds wisely; my main goal being to reach out to women at risk of abuse. I have been able to use my book as a platform to reach women across the globe to talk about domestic abuse, my book journey from idea to publication and encouraging women to write their own stories. As a supporter of the Island Girls Rock movement I took part in a podcast interview with the CEO which was a wonderful experience. Quincy the Comedian interviewed me for his show and confirmed he gave a copy of LTBs to none other than Mr Idris Elba OBE!

I was recipient of the Powerhouse Global Author of the Year award in May 2018 and Author of Colour in October 2018. I have been privileged to meet with women at the Conversation Cafe to talk about domestic abuse and I was invited to a Women's 5ummit in Cavan, Dublin to talk about my book journey where Marcia, my husband Neville and I finally got to try a glass or two of authentic Irish Guinness!

My book Loving the Brothers is now in 5 libraries across the London Borough of Redbridge which I’m very pleased about. As such I will be having a book signing event at Redbridge Central Library on 13th December at on 13th December at 6 30pm. I will also be one of the guest speakers at my friend's book launch on 9th December 2018 which I am excited about. I have had the opportunity to become an ACR for Jellybooks LTD and delighted to have been asked to review part one of Jannette Barrett’s autobiography which is launching this month and I am privileged to write the foreword of Shelley Twinn's new book Dating is Us which is due out in February 2019.

By far being a guest of the former deputy High Commissioner of Barbados HE Guy Hewitt at the Miss Barbados UK launch was humbling and to be one of the judges at one of the pageant heats was a highlight as it was an elaborate affair.

This has been my year of saying YES and exploring new opportunities that come my way. I am still writing in between my busy schedule. I have written two short stories, namely, She Was Feeling Herself, which is about domestic abuse in later life and Saturday Soup which is about a mother’s unusual relationship with her daughters. I have started the sequel to Loving the Brothers called Loving the Sisters and I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process.

My hope for 2019 is to continue to grow and develop my craft, to become an established author, a confident public speaker and an advocate for the #lifeinleggings #notaskingforit and #walkingintowalls campaigns.

I hope to move into broadcasting/podcasting at some point next year; taking over an established radio show and developing my own show called About My Manor, where I interview local people who are movers and shakers in East London. I want to finish my screen writing course, so I am ready when Hollywood come calling!

Pamela R Haynes Author of The Loving Series…
Pamela R Haynes Author of the loving Series...