As a person who loves words, I was challenged to write about my profession. As I stared at the word, I toyed with it and broke it down to the noun and the verb. “Profession” being the noun and “Profess” being the verb. My profession is a teacher or communicator of information to help others reach the highest form of themselves.

I do not get paid, as the definition of “an occupation with a wage” does not apply now. 2.5 years ago, I was an Admin and Finance Manager for a local authority where I supported a team manager in managing the community mental health teams. I used the skill of teaching, mentoring, and coaching to support my staff achieve the 2-year goals we had planned. When I walked away from my career at least 7 had received promotions and 2 changed careers. To be able to see possibility in others you have to be able to communicate in a way that they understand.

As I looked through the scarlet thread in my life; my rhesus became RH+ “Resilience and Hope”. Hope is the desire and expectation and resilience is the willingness to put in the work to become what you have envisioned. Using the mentoring and coaching skills, I also support those who live in mental illnesses like depression and those who live with fibromyalgia to live hopeful lives.

For years I never thought I would be anything; ironically many seemed to turn to me for counsel. As an empath I sense both pain and struggle in a person. It therefore came natural for me to speak for others. As a union representative, my friend Mike said, I was great at speaking for others but for myself, I was hopeless. Therefore, I write. I find writing being the highest form of myself by communicating my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Writing allows you enter the reality of the moment through your senses which you take for granted. You use sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing what we least pay attention to embrace the moment.

Professing is speaking and you have a Scarlett thread; you have one sermon, one message which we communicate. Have you listened to yourself? Have you asked your friends to give you feedback? With the advancement in technology we are failing to communicate with each other to empower each other beyond mantras. To sit across another or listen to a friend, family members struggle and to be able to put it into words what they cannot

My profession is communicating hope and resilience in difficult times. My rhesus is RH+ was is yours?
By Lady Boss 17th April 2019